Jazz at the George IV

009 Mar 2017

Jazz at the George IV started in January 2016 and has hosted a gig every month since then on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Gigs start at 8pm, and tickets cost £5 on the door.  Since 2017, there is an option to tip the bands on your way out if you feel you would like to make a greater financial contribution to your ticket price.  If you wish to reserve a ticket, please email me: nick.dewhurst@live.co.uk

See flyer above for current programme.  Expect future dates to be on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Previous gigs at Jazz at the George IV:

  • Wednesday 20th January: Nick Dewhurst Band
  • Wednesday 17th February: Callum Roxburgh Orchestra
  • Wednesday 16th March: Imperial Strut
  • Wednesday 20th April: Ben Lee Quintet
  • Wednesday 18th May: Tommaso Starace’s Tribute to Cannonball Adderley
  • Wednesday 15th June: Tom Dunnett Sextet
  • Wednesday 20th July: Nick Dewhurst Band
  • Wednesday 17th August: Callum Roxburgh Quartet
  • Wednesday 31st August: Tritone Quintet
  • Wednesday 21st September: A Tribute to Miles Davis
  • Wednesday 19th October: Mitch Perrins Trio
  • Wednesday 16th November: Tom Lindsay Sings! 
  • Wednesday 21st December: Jazz at the George IV Christmas Special
  • Wednesday 18th January: Jeremy Price’s Double Brass Quartet
  • Wednesday 15th February: Nick Dewhurst Band